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How it Works

All members of the plant kingdom produce ethylene gas that triggers the ripening process. For example, it is ethylene that changes a green tomato from pink to red and a rose bud or carnation to open to a beautiful flower.

The more ethylene present as a gas, the quicker the ripening process and the sooner the produce will mature and die.

Peakfresh has impregnated into the film a natural occurring mineral, this process is unique to Peakfresh and allows Peakfresh films to:

  • Remove ethylene gas - allowing ethylene produced by the ripening produce to be taken up and removed through the film wall to the outside atmosphere
  • Minimize moisture formation - Anti-fogging treatment of the film surface minimizes moisture formation to inhibit mold and bacteria growth.

Different varieties of produce have different respiration rates. Some breathe fast like broccoli, others slow like potatoes. Transpiration also includes the release of minute particles of moisture which can cause dehydration.

Take, for example, humans when they exert themselves in exercise or it is a hot day, they breathe in and out more quickly, which, if continued, ultimately leads to exhaustion and dehydration(water loss) and then death.

With Peakfresh removing the harmful gasses and allowing for a high humidity environment it allows produce to stay in peak condition for longer.

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