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Manufacturers and suppliers since 1992 of specialty Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) films and related products for the fresh fruit, vegetable & flower industries.

Each packaging product is totally focussed on extending the freshness and shelf life of fresh horticultural produce and saving money by reducing waste.

The business develops and produces mineral impregnated films that removes ethylene gas (ripening gas) given off by the packaged produce. An additional anti-fog treatment reduces moisture levels on the film surface. Freshness and shelf life can be more than doubled on existing time by using Peakfresh MAP films and special pre-pack films.

PEAKfresh® films are USA FDA approved, comply with current EU Directives and approved by Swiss, Austrian, Canadian, Australian and New Zealand Authorities.

With our head office in Adelaide, Australia, and offices in Europe and North America, Peakfresh is a Global Leader in Fresh Produce Packaging.


"Keeping your produce fresher for longer"

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